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Understanding Karma is to understand the secret of the Law of Attraction, indeed the secret of attraction itself. But what is Karma? What is the Law of Attraction, and how does the Law of Attraction Work?
Understanding Karma is your  definitive Karma Companion, because it will provide you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about the relationship between Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction AND why it is that Attraction alone cannot work to secure, love, money, good health, friends and opportunity. UNDERSTANDING KARMA answers the question, ‘does the Law of Attraction work,’ by showing you that Karma IS the ultimate Law behind attraction.
This web site exists to provide you with information about this unique and revealing book. Now available in e-Book format and as an MP3 Audio Book, UNDERSTANDING KARMA, is a must for spiritual seekers, students and new age readers everywhere. It provides a more modern understanding and approach to Karma, and includes a practical guide that shows you how to work with Karma in this lifetime, not only to overcome Karmic debts and burdens, but to balance negative karma in order to release the full power of the Law of Attraction in the present.
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Understanding Karma
Understanding Karma

By Simon C. Godwin and Elizabeth Rose

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By Elizabeth Rose & Simon C. Godwin

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